Excel vba map network drive sharepoint

Mapping a network drive uses WebDav, an older technology which is slower and less reliable than syncing SharePoint files with the new OneDrive sync client. The OneDrive sync client provides Files On-Demandwhich allows you to access all your files in OneDrive without using local storage space. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. Access Denied.

Before opening files in this location, you must first add the web site to your trusted site list, browse to the web site, and select the option to login automatically'. For Internet Explorer 10 with Windows 8 or Windows 7, install the hotfix to resolve this problem. See the article Error when you open a SharePoint Document Library in Windows Explorer or map a network drive to the library after you install Internet Explorer 10 for more information.

Make sure that you're authenticated to Office To do this, sign in to the SharePoint Online site by using your Office work or school account credentials, and make sure that you select the Stay signed in option as seen in the following screen shot:.

After you map a network drive to SharePoint Online, you must occasionally connect to the SharePoint Online site by using Internet Explorer and select the Stay signed in option. This prevents the session that's used by the mapped network drive from expiring. A mapped network drive that's connected to SharePoint Online is only supported when these steps are performed within Internet Explorer. If you previously didn't check the Stay signed in option and then browse to a SharePoint Online site or the Office portal and you're already signed in, you must first sign out, and then sign in again by using the Stay signed in option.

To do this, follow these steps:. Select the Stay signed in option, enter your Office work or school account credentials, and then select Sign in if it's necessary. Select the Security tab, select Trusted sitesand then select Sites. Here, the placeholder contoso represents the domain that you use for your organization. Repeat this step for any additional sites that you want to add to this zone. After you have added each site to the Websites list, select Closeand then select OK. To keep the connection after you restart the computer, make sure that the WebClient service is running.

Be aware that the cookie will eventually time out. For Windows 8, select Starttype services. In the list of services, locate the WebClient service, and then make sure that its status in the Status column is set to Started.

Make sure that the latest Windows updates are applied. If all the latest updates are applied, and the issue persists, make sure that the WebClient service is running.

Troubleshoot mapped network drives that connect to SharePoint Online

If the Startup Type for the WebClient service is set to Disabledthe map network drive functionality won't work correctly and you'll be unable to start the service. To enable the service, within the WebClient Properties dialog box select the drop-down dialog for the Startup type: setting and then select either Manual or Automatic.Log In.

Hope This Helps, PH. Want to get great answers to your Tek-Tips questions? You are asking for an object of type "WScript. Network" to be created. This doesn't just happen, it is an action or a "Method" that is performed by another, existing, object. In your code you are asking that some object, referenced by WScriptperform this action for you, and you are being told that WScript is not an object. If you think WScript should be referencing an object then you need to look at the rest of your code to find out why it doesn't.

This is what PH's code does - by not explicitly specifying an object, he is requesting the default object, the Application Word or Excel or whatever you're using perform the action. This works in this case because the Application does know how to do it - creating a new object is a fairly generic type action that most objects can perform. In the general case, of course, you must ask an appropriate object to do the action you want. So, for example, the Method you actually want to use, MapNetworkDrive cannot be performed by the Application which is why you have to create a specialised object to do it.

One final note. Network" WshNetwork. Enjoy, Tony We want to help you; help us to do it by reading this: Before you ask a question. Why did I receive the error message? I confirm I want to change the drive, the drive changes to what I want. I would appreciate advice on the errors I am making with the code. You may find you have to add an extra parameter to the Remove to Force it. RemoveNetworkDrive "L:", True Enjoy, Tony We want to help you; help us to do it by reading this: Before you ask a question.

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Close this window and log in. Join Tek-Tips Forums! Join Us! By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. Students Click Here. I am looking for code to map a network drive. I have tried the following but receive error "Object Required". CreateObject "WScript. And this? Hi Kevsim, PHV is correct but, perhaps, some explanation. My apologies.View solution. View Solution. Why EE?

Courses Ask. Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Last Modified: I mapped my sharepoint site to my computer and I would like to add a new folder to Sharepoint using Excel VBA, but I cannot get past the errors.

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excel vba map network drive sharepoint

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Map drives via VBA. Thread starter joefrench Start date Mar 19, Tags batch remap drives. Joined Oct 4, Messages At work, a script runs as we log on to the network that deletes and re-maps our network drives for us which really stinks when you want to add a new mapped drive.

Sometimes this script only removes the drives and doesn't re-map them. I'm now considering making a project via vba that will map my drives for me if the script fails to do so. Is this at all possible?

excel vba map network drive sharepoint

To have vba map drives? Thanks in advance. Some videos you may like. Excel Facts.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Usually I use this piece of code to retrieve the content of a folder in VBA.

But this doesn't work in the case of a sharepoint. How can I do? I can access to the sharepoint if I enter the address in Windows Explorer. Access to the sharepoint needs an authentification, but it's transparent, because it relies on the Windows login. Here's an example for the implementation.

To get the UNC path to use, go into the folder in the document library, drop down the Actions menu and choose Open in Windows Explorer. Copy the path you see there and use that.

I messed around with this problem for a bit, and found a very simple, 2-line solution, simply replacing the 'http' and all the forward slashes like this:. If you are using a secure site or wish to cater for both you may wish to add the following line:.

excel vba map network drive sharepoint

This can be accomplished via ActiveX Data Objects as layed out in this excellent article excellent article code can be used directly in Excel, used the concept recently. I spent some time on this very problem - I was trying to verify a file existed before opening it. I blogged about it here. Use this path in Map drive from explorer or command i. That may work for you, but I prefer a different approach as drive letters are different on each pc.

The trick here is to start from sharepoint and not from a VBA script accessing sharepoint as a web server. You can either include this query in vba, or maintain the database link in your speadsheet, iterating over the table by VBA.

Please note: the image above does not show the actual database connection command textwhich would tell you how to access my sharepoint. Try mapping the sharepoint library to a drive letter in windows. Then select the drive and path in your code. Learn more. Asked 10 years, 10 months ago. Active 4 years, 5 months ago. Viewed k times. Are you able to navigate to the sharepoint folder using windows explorer?

It looks like a regular network folder. Active Oldest Votes.

excel vba map network drive sharepoint

IsReady Then oNetwork. RemoveNetworkDrive oMappedDrive. Print sharepointFolder. Path End Sub. Tomalak k 60 60 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

How to make a Sharepoint Folder using Excel VBA and a mapped network drive?

Chris Hayes Chris Hayes 3, 5 5 gold badges 33 33 silver badges 66 66 bronze badges. This code looks very promising but Sub test is throwing a "User-defined type not defined" compile error for the Dim dm as New DriveMapper line.

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Perhaps I am missing a DLL reference?They are:. Why would you want to do this? The only two ways I can think of are because you are more comfortable working with mapped network drives than the SharePoint icons, or your Sites are not syncing and you want to work on your documents on your local computer and not from the cloud.

Mapping a drive is getting a lettered drive from within your Windows Explorer to share storage from another computer over a network. Example below.

Step2 — Click on library then library settings. This opens up a page with information on your site. Choose which letter you want to map to defaults to Z. When I tried to troubleshoot this, I saw this is a widespread problem with O users.

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Trying some of them was just a rabbit hole of lost time for me. In my reading of possible solutions and looking at the comments, it seemed it worked for some and not for others and no clear reason why. Of course there are other error messages than this one — just one of the things that can go wrong.

I would need to go through the steps again to remap the drive. This happened with my clients — some or all of the drives I had mapped got the dreaded red x. Researching this, I found that it is pretty typical for drives to become unmapped and needing to be remapped. Not acceptable. Step 1 — log into your O account and then go the the SharePoint site you want to open on your local computer. I had to wait maybe 5 seconds or so, then a Windows Explorer box opened up and I could see the files and folders from that site on my local computer.

Now I could open and work on any of my documents. When I clicked save, I could see the message a the bottom that it was uploading my changes to SharePoint. This method seems easier and more reliable than mapping a network drive. If this happens, try a different browser. Of course the best solution is to be able to use SharePoint sites as it was intended — with the built-in syncing capabilities.Does anybody know of any good software so that I can map a network drive to my sharepoint server besides Zee Drive.

That will open a new tab and after a few seconds a Windows Explorer Window. Copy the path, Map Network Drive, drop it in, there you go. The only caveat is every week or so the security token will expire, and when the user clicks on the drive they will see a menacing text box saying they're denied, add to Trusted Sites, blah, blah.

They'll get a new token and they'll be in again. This is the wrong approach.

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Tell them it's faster for the user to just open Explorer and click on the blue cloud icon rather than having to navigate to a specific drive. You CAN, but you may find it problematic. Using ODFB mapped drives is very slow. It really is designed to be synched or with win10 v or later can keep content online.

We tried mapping drives briefly, but it works inconsistently and we never got it to work in a foolproof way. Yeah, may have an idea for that.

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Do you want to map to a document library in SharePoint? How many people will need this? Ok, rather than using a network drive, you would create a network location.

Map drives via VBA

It still sits in the same place in My Computer, except it would show up as a folder. I have never pushed it out as a group policy myself yet, but I know it can be done. Will add link in just a moment. Example below. Paddy is correct about creating a Network Place. We went away from that though because applications wouldn't see them when you did a Save As. Other than that it's brilliant. You can have unlimited places and can give them as descriptive a name as you want.

Hey, We use Sharepoint on premise.

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